• Integration with ERP;
  • Integration with automated systems;
  • WEB access through desktop and mobile devices;
  • Receiving and load preparation;
  • Storage control;
  • Internal handling control;
  • Picking and order sorting control;
  • Order consolidation and dispatch;
  • Inventory control (per item / batch /expiration date);
  • Physical inventory (per warehouse / per item / per batch);
  • Strategic management (queries, reports, KPI);
  • Equipment interface: Scanners / printers / pick to lights / RFID.

Product Differentiators

  • Queries and inventory reports (general, per warehouse, per item, per expiration date) and warehouse occupation;
  • Queries and picking reports;
  • Warehouse order transfer queries;
  • Operational notification rules: expiration/quarantine.

National product

National technical assistance and technology

Easy setup

User-friendly interface and easy handling.